Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ardingly - Mr. Rick's first visit

Ardingly Antiques Fair …. through freezing rain and flooded fields, the show goes on!

Rick has heard so much about this antique fair that I actually convinced him to take a day off, 
rent a car, and drive a few of us ladies for a day of bargain hunting.  
Of course, this had to be the worst conditions I have ever been to Ardingly!

You can tell from our reflection in the mirror that we were prepared for the bad weather,
 many of the vendors were not!

I thought this time I would feature Mr. Rick and some of the treasures he was interested in…..
"You don't need a cane yet!" 

old bikes

industrial tables

Parts off an old merry-go-round

I'm not even going there!

boats and fishing reels,
but no one was willing to bargain!

The best part of his day,
a ham and cheese toasty!

And NOT getting the rental car stuck in the mud,
needing to be pulled out by the local farmer's tractor, whew! 

Next blog….my treasures! 

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