Thursday, August 27, 2009

White Shirts and Good Genes.....

No, that's not a spelling error....
Every time we make a trip to the beach we have a mandatory family photo day...doesn't every family? The pictures always turn out great - it's what goes on behind the scenes that we will remember...the sand, the sweat, the "discussions" about lighting and background...followed by a round of Bushwackers and more shrimp!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Perdido Key and No Hurricane!

Packing for a wedding and a week at the beach required several "checked bags" ...but Tucker did not fit! He hates it when the suitcases come out. Never the less, we spent a few days in Birmingham as spoiled guests of my sister and special guests of the was a beautiful wedding! I especially liked the tribute to Kentucky, Mint Juleps.... but the next day we all suffered from the Kentucky "Wild Turkey" flu.
Our week at the beach was full of family fun, we ate our share of fried crab claws, shrimp every way possible (if I named them I would sound like Forrest Gump!), and drank our share of Bushwackers. We had a pancake cook-off, which I won with my Almond Joy Pancakes, (Sorry Sandi, I had the chocolate advantage) and we started the tradition of Kid's Cook Night (would highly recommend - we required a special cocktail, appetizers, and a main dish!). Rick treated the kids to a surprise deep sea fishing trip (a tropical storm didn't scare any of them away but some will never fish again!) , we built sandcastles, played football (just one broken toe!), rode the waves, took family photos, visited with the Colonel and Jane, played Dominoes, toasted Brad and Brooke's engagement, (read Sandi's blog for sweet details!), AND LAUGHED...a lot!
It was a great vacation!

***Stay tuned for Family Pictures on the beach....skip it if you dare!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

5 day count-down!

Perdido Beach here we come!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bedroom Make-Over

Please indulge me on this post...I am a HGTV-watching "decorette" and I have spent the better part of my summer reclaiming the master bedroom at the Rivah Cottage as Christy gets closer to moving out. With our encouragement she had transformed it into a feminine, modern silver, white, and teal suite....perfect for her! I have painted, hung curtains, ordered a new KING size bed, mattress, and dresser, and made at least 100 trips to stores to buy, return, and buy the accessories needed to pull this large room together. The best way for me to share this new space with Rick, who is in London, and sister Sandi, who is in Alabama is to post a blog on the completed project. The bed is heavenly and I'm worried about Tucker giving up his side when Rick finally gets to sleep here! Enjoy the pictures...
and I'll leave the light on for you, honey!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Love is Sweet

Christy has been planning Michelle's one BIG wedding shower for months and it was a perfect day! I was one of 100 hundred guest invited so it was my chance to meet Doug's family...the Irish "Kelly" sisters- who all look alike, the Italian "Long" sisters-who all look alike, Grandmother, Great Auhhnts, second cousins, and a few characters I don't think anyone else knew! Oh yea, and the bride and groom!

Here are a few pictures of the "special touches" like the pink rock candy favor...Love is sweet, and the Grand Marnier chocolate cake, and sweet pink roses for the Mom's! The bride's maids are all different sizes and ages - wonder who that tall blond is???