Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April 1

Aunt Sandi played with our Christmas photo one year....It still cracks me up!

Last year I called the girls and told them we were moving back to New York, Chrsity cried when I said "April Fools!".
Nothing that dramatic this year!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Day of Churches in Verona

We explored 7 churches in Verona, each unique and beautiful. I learned that you can not judge the richness of the interior by just observing the architecture of the outside and when inside, you have to walk through the side chapels and around the choirstall to find hidden masterpieces. We balanced our day of lessons by sitting in the pews listening to an organ recital and stopping for our boost of cappuccino.

Just to show that I did learn ( and retain) something on this trip, I have a new favorite artist, Giulio Ramono. He created many masterpieces in the late 16th century, was a pupil of Raphael, and is identified as a "mannerist". His use of Trompe L'oeil (which means to mislead the eye) can open a ceiling to the sky. His characters are spirited and larger than life, and sometimes quite provocative.....see why I am intrigued?

The best examples were in Montova at the Palazzo Ducale, a "hunting lodge" owned by the Gonzaga family but I could not take pictures inside. I'll be looking for his work when we make our trip to Rome in May.......more Churches!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Buon Giorno Verona!

A direct flight from London to Verona started our "Art History Girl's Trip" to Italy. It was a fun mix of EY wives, KCWC classmates, and Caroline, our incredible lecturer and guide. My plan from the beginning was just to take it all in and keep up with photos ( and a written itinerary) to remind me of the information-packed adventure. Our enthusiastic group of thirteen checked into our perfect, centrally located hotel- Hotel San Luca - just one block from the majestic Roman Amphitheater- the Arena, and the Piazza Bra.

A trip to Verona would not be complete without a visit to Casa Di Giulietta - the House of Juliet and a picture of Juliet's balcony!

We stopped for a late afternoon cappuccino at an outdoor cafe and a history lesson in the picturesque Piazza delle Erbe, the historical center and market place of Verona. If you look closely, sixteenth century frescoes can still be seen on the facade of buildings. At one end is the Lion of St. Mark ( a great landmark for future walks) and just under an archway marked with a whale bone is the Piazza Dei Signori. In the center of the square stands the monument to Dante, the great poet who lived here in the early thirteen hundreds.

The sun began to set as we crossed the Roman Ponte di Pietro and climbed above remains of the Roman Theater. From this vantage point we had a spectacular view of Verona and just a taste of the days ahead.

Our first day ended with a fabulous meal at Restoraunte Freppie. I passed on the local speciality patissada de caval (spicey horsemeat and red-wine casserole) but we all enjoyed a hearty round of antipasto misto and a variety of pasta dishes....and a few glasses of wine, of course. It was a perfect day in Italy!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Colors of Spring!

PINK, blush, fuchsia

BLUE, azure, indigo

YELLOW, amber, blond

GREEN, chartreuse, jade

Happy Mothering Day Ya'll!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day trip to Brighton

Rich in history and heritage, the royal Pavilion is one of the most exotic palaces I have seen. Too bad I was not able to take pictures inside. This palace with it's ornate Chinese interior was completed for George, Prince Regent in 1820. Later Queen Victoria, not thinking it was big enough for her family, sold it to the town of Brighton.

The main reason for our trip to Brighton was to enjoy a little sunshine at the beach! We strolled along the seafront, explored the Brighton Pier and enjoyed a traditional lunch of fish and chips.

At the heart of the city are Brighton's historic Lanes, once a fishing village now full of winding alleyways, antique and jewelry shops, pubs and restaurants. In one of the windows I spotted a Royal Air Force pilot wings pin, a treasure I could not resist!

and for the train ride back to London....a treat of red velvet cupcakes!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 19, 1989

You came into this world like "Haley's" Comet!
A birthday is just the first day of another three hundred sixty-five day journey around the sun...enjoy the trip Honey!

Wish we could be there to celebrate with you!
Happy 20th Birthday Haley!!!!
Hugs 'n' kisses

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I saw a Leprechaun!

The St. Patrick's Day parade in London was Sunday so we cleaned the cobwebs off the bicycles and found a spot along the parade route. Rick used his new camera and I think he got some great shots...enjoy the parade and Happy St. Patty's Day to ya!

Bands, dancers, firetrucks, local politicians and local "celebrities", all decked out in green, white, and orange...and all having a good 'o' time!

It could not be official without St. Patrick himself!

...and we had to stop for a hearty bowl of Irish Stew and a pint for lunch!