Thursday, June 25, 2015

Perfect Tiny Nursery

Twas the night before 5/16/2015 and all through the house,
everyone waited as quiet as a mouse....or sheep in this case! 
The nursery was finished and cloud mobile hung with care,
in hopes that the Twins soon would be there! 

Lolly painted gold stars on the wall 
Pop worked on bookshelves & a window treatment....
(if you need some work done - just call!) 

A dresser repurposed,
A borrowed rocker recovered,


***FYI .... know any new mothers?
These little rockers have been life savers!  

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

choosing a baby name is serious business....

These days baby names can be inspired by anything!
Celebrities are coming up with colorful names like Cooper Blue and Kingsley Rainbow,
Kim and Kanye choose North West .... Why?
The Royals have chosen family names .....  George and Charlotte.
Some baby names are inspired by fashion .... Yves, Coco, and yes, even Target!
TV Shows and Disney movies have always had an influence on baby names .... Belle, Elsa, Donald, Mickey.  How about music ..... Adele and Bruno, or Blake and Miranda?
I was Holly Hall in the days of Holly Hobby .... remember her?

I must admit, I am quite partial to Southern names like Jackson, Austin, and Emma Kate, or Georgia.
Coming from a huge Italian and Irish family, our kids had a lot of family names to choose from but in a BIG family most of their favorite names were already taken by cousins.
With a 'short' last name of Long (ha!ha!)....they had to watch the name jokes....
Miles Long, Bea Long, or after my brother ....
Skip A. Long

We finally welcome home our very special babies,
with very special names.....
Shane Kelley
Mackenzie May
"The Long Twins" !