Saturday, December 27, 2014

TripREvisor - Vegas Baby!

The perfect city for a "Friends Reunion" and a Rod Stewart Concert!  We flew in from Boston, others from New Jersey, Houston, and London for a jam packed, fun filled weekend in the city that never sleeps!
First I must mention that the only direct flight from Boston to Vegas is a Jet Blue flight and I had visions of "Easy Jet" ( enough said!) but surprisingly, we were very impressed with the airline.....
entertainment and whole cans of Diet Coke and snack size bags of chips/crisps!

After checking into the majestic Caesar's Palace we gathered for our first night activity......
                                                    Let the Good times BOWL!
(This picture was actually taken by someone famous  -  but you know what they say .... what happens in Vegas , stays in Vegas)

While the guys enjoyed a competitive Golf Day, 
the gals met for breakfast at the highly recommended 
restaurant across the street,
Hash House a GoGo

You should have seen the Waffle and Fried Chicken plate!  

The rest of our day was spent shopping and exploring the strip.....

We couldn't resist Cosmos at The Cosmopolitan! 

On Saturday we decided to take a road trip to 
Hoover Dam

The driver and co-pilot kept us on track,
the tour was fascinating, and the views spectacular....
(professional photo - not so great!)
We were a little parched from the dry desert air so 
a quick stop at 
an old American favorite.........

and back to Caesar's Palace 
to get "dolled up" for our special evening....
an authentic Italian dinner at Il Mulino
"Tonight's the Night"
a true musical icon,
Rod Stewart!  

Only in Vegas Baby!  


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

We wish you.....

                                   ....... a Merry Christmas!  JOY   PEACE   HOPE   LOVE


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Do you like Egg Nog? and Frozen?

I am not talking about the time consuming homemade Egg Nog
.....  the kind my sister-in-law spends hours perfecting for us on Thanksgiving Eve
.....  the kind with a precious dozen, hard to separate, pasteurized eggs, and a quart of heavy cream,
       and a mixer that has to whip the egg whites just right
...... Is there another kind you ask?

I am talking about the kind you buy from our local dairy Hornstra's Farm!
and oh so easy!!!

I can't wait to add a little "something extra" to mine!  

Along with my Egg Nog I will serve some very special
 Gingerbread  cookies
from our local bakery
Ginger Betty's 

Ginger Betty also won the local 
Gingerbread House decorating contest....

You can see why,
this is her rendition of 

I wish you all the joy that comes with sharing special treats
with friends and family this holiday season!