Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Because…..Everyday is a Holly-day in my world!
Thank you for following my adventures and encouraging me to share my travels and thoughts with you.  I wish you all a blessed holiday with friends and family wherever you are in the world!  

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The "Battle to Dazzle"!

I was there….
the night Peter Jones,
 in Sloane Square,
 prepared to unveil the
seasonal windows!

It was the "Battle to Dazzle"!
How many grapefruit spoons
does it take
to make a Crow?

Or Sewing Shears to make an Eagle?
Each animal is created using household products found
in the department store ………..

Arctic Hares, Owlets, Polar Bears and Penguins……

Turkeys made from Towels…..

Skunks made from Dusters and Scrub Brushes…….

…….an Arctic 'Hare' made from 'Hair' products!
But my favorite…….

…….the Great Brown Bear made from Leather goods, 
Fur Rug, and Waste (Rubbish) Baskets!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More New York City!

You can't go to NYC without an early morning visit to one of the major morning shows (Good Morning America - Woo Hoo!) and a studio tour….we explored the NBC Studios.  Here I am in the VOICE chair channeling Christina Aguilera.

Jeanne and Mercedes did a good job with the news and weather, and we all squeezed in for a group photo….

Next stop…. Tea and a Tour of Gracie Mansion,
Home to the Mayor of NYC

Mollie opened her beautiful apartment to the whole group for an afternoon 
gathering.  One of the highlights was watching the recorded Katie Couric Show
together, pausing and cheering every time the audience (us!) appeared!  

Our last day started with another tour…
even though St. Patrick's Cathedral was encased with scaffolding
and the construction noise only reminded me of our flat in London,
it was worth seeing.
We made our way to the Sea Grill Restaurant in Rockefeller Center 
a fabulous lunch of Crab Cakes, Key Lime Pie,
and a close-up view of the ice rink
with the world-famous Christmas Tree!   

In the spirit of Christmas, the 4-day trip culminated with 
the high kicks of the Rockettes ……. 
Cosmos and dinner at 
the exclusive 
21 Club.

Our AWC of London first reunion in NYC 
was fantastic, jam packed with events, but the time we spent with 
friends was precious. If there is something I have learned in all my 
moves and travels,
it's that you have to be willing to work at staying close
with the people who have come in and out of your life and touched you in a special way.
I, for one, will be looking forward to the next 
AWC reunion
in 2015!  
Thank you Jeanne!!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New York City…a great city for a reunion!

~ especially during the Christmas season!  
The lights, the crowds, the noise,
and friends from London who have moved back 
to cities all over the United States……
We had a BLAST!

Our fearless travel leader, Jeanne, arranged the whole week.  We expect nothing but perfection from her because that is what she always delivers.
Every time someone new arrived in the hotel lobby, there were squeals and hugs and Jeanne presented each of us with a hand-painted ornament as a prelude to the days ahead.

Our first day was filled with sightseeing……
a tour of Grand Central Station, a boat ride on the Zephyr Yacht, Lunch at Fraunee Tavern, a stroll through the Financial District, and a somber visit to Ground Zero.

That night we had reservations at the wildest restaurant, Rolf's (22nd & 3rd).
One of the reviews we read compared it to "being on the North Pole during an acid trip".
Was it expensive? Yes, but this is New York! 
We loved it, the sauerkraut and potato pancakes were delicious,
and the decorations,
well check this out…..

Tuesday morning we had an early wake up call for the Katie Couric Show.
In line, we found out the guest of the day was singer-songwriter
Sheryl Crow!

Practically glowing in our bright colors,
we made up a song to "London Bridges" and performed on Katie's stage…
it will never be aired but it was fun! 
An afternoon shopping trip through the Christmas Markets took us right up to 
dinner and our show for the evening…..

The Carole King Musical

Whether it was meant to be
 …. it was a sing-a-long for the London Ladies!