Monday, March 30, 2015

March FABness !

A Ladies Night Out with great food and cocktails, a spectacular fashion show, and tempting raffle items all to raise money for the Norwell Women's Club......
and my chance to reconnect with old and new friends!

This may not occur to someone who is not familiar with moving, but with every new adventure ~ in this case retiring and moving back to our home after being gone for 8 years ~
comes the challenge of "connecting". That is finding  a place to fit in, a group to belong to, friends who share common interests, a way to share talents and stories, and make new memories.

I volunteered for the food group and these two ladies were a blast to work with!
Mary Lou designed our matching aprons! 

Some of the food was catered and desserts were brought in by members.
My chicken salad on green apple slices were a big hit.....
Everyone seemed to be on their spring diet so the "no bread" choices were popular! 

........also the Antipasti on a Skewer!  

I can't tell you how many deviled eggs Susie made
but each one was perfect! 

We had adorable high school girls volunteer to serve for us
while we kept the food coming.
The decorating committee did a fantastic job of bringing a little spring 
to our otherwise dreary weather with 
hundreds of butterflies fluttering from the ceiling 
in pink and green.

It was just a "love-ly" evening!  

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Solo Footprints......

                           " Together, our footprints travel on, 
                         Leaving prints, side by side, in the snow.
                                    They are joined together
                             By love, friendship, and happiness, 
                                And together, our lives go on. "

He is a Norwich terrier
and we have welcomed him home! 

(and you thought this was going to be another post about snow!) 

He has been with us for one week
and we are still getting to know each other......

He likes a snack 
and a nap! 

And we are all waiting patiently for spring!  

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Something different in New York City

Where do you go for a classic American breakfast in NYC?
........Home to the "future stars of stage and screen"?
You go to Ellen's Stardust Diner on 51st and Broadway where the waitstaff sings to you while they pour your coffee!

That is also where you hop on the "On Locations Tour" bus for a 
guided tour of the locations in NYC where all your favorite TV shows 
and films were made.  

Here we are posing, appropriately, in front of the building used for 
the apartment on 

And you may recognize this firehouse from
 the movie

It was a fun tour, something different, 
a great way to see the sights and it brought back fond memories of 
favorite forgotten shows.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

New York City - a place for friends to meet!

When the stars align, New York City is the perfect place for friends to meet and play.  Can I tell you how much I love having girlfriends who like to organize a trip!?!

First on the agenda, a Broadway Musical of course.....
Honeymoon in Vegas featuring Tony Danza
Great music, laughter, and the flying Elvis-es!

then, decisions, decisions.....
the night is still young and we are in NYC.....
Margaritas & a movie anyone?

The next morning we all met at Ground 0
to tour the underground museum honoring the victims of 9\11.
To say it is moving and powerful is an understatement! 
The sheer enormity of this historic event is captured 
and reminded all of us of that morning, when we were mesmerized 
by what we were watching on TV. 
It is a part of OUR history and everyone must see it! 

After an all-girls lunch and a little shopping at Chelsea Market we caught up with the guys
 for dinner at Hurley's Saloon in New York's Theater District
 where we spent the evening reminiscing 
about good times together in London.

.......and planning our Tuesday together!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dreamin' at the Boat Show

The Boston Boat Show.....
It's inside, it's warm, everything is clean, people are nice.....
beverages are served....
What's not to like?

I could snuggle right in for a nap on these leather loungers!
This party pontoon had a hot dog grill on the back...
and florescent runners down the sides,
perfect for a sunset cruise on the river. 

The Captain was in his negotiating mode....

I found a PALM TREE to lean on!  

This may be the new boat for next summer.....

and this one WILL have a name!

Everyone gets to suggest one name...
and the Captain decides.
Mine is "Delta Blu"
What's yours?  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Beards of icicles.....

                                     THEIR BEARDS OF ICICLES AND SNOW".......

You have to admit
they are a bit magical
 hanging from 
roofs and porches
like clear blades of steal,
sharp as daggers! 

This house has a cedar roof so the icicles
take on the color from the wood shingles.  

Some icicles are actually touching the snow mounds!

Or maybe, the snow mounds 
are reaching up to touch the icicles!

Some are so thick 
"snow dams"
and causing a lot of roof damage.

This is the house across the street from us.
The icicles can be beautiful when the sun is hitting just right
and you can actually watch them grow!  

It's snow wonder ....
There is snow place like home! 

(Enough with the wicked weather, get me outah here!)  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pub, Pub, Pub....

You can't visit London without going to a few Pubs! 
Some Pubs we had to visit again....
(notice the construction on Chester Row....
out in the nick of time!) 

The Duke of Wellington

Our old favorite Pub for so many reasons...

The Antelope

Best Sunday Roast Pub....

The Orange

Of course we also discovered a few new Pubs.

The Black Friar Pub
On Queen Victoria Street
with Art Nouveau interior dating back to 1905

My favorite "new" pub by far.....
An original Victorian Gin Palace

The Viaduct Tavern
near St. Paul's Cathedral 

Pomegranate infused Gin ... it was tasty! 

The ice was chipped off a huge block to keep it from melting in 
your G&T.

We even scored a private tour of the ancient dungeons
and vaults below the Pub, 
once used to connect to 
the debtor's jail, Newgate Prison, across the street.....
haunted indeed! 

And Bus 11 back to Sloane Square....

Cheers Y'all!