Monday, July 28, 2008

Living in the heart of London we have access to buses, the tube, the train, black cabs, and crowded sidewalks so we really don't need a car, nor do we want one! But sometimes it would be nice to explore the countryside and shop for more than we can carry home. The ZIP Car!

Isn't it cute! It's a Mini!
Our adventure today was to locate the car (parked near Harrods), open it with our approved credit card (key is inside), and drive to Surrey to a huge garden shop called Garsons to bring back new plants for our very tired window boxes. We had a smooth start until Tom-Tom (the same as Tomas-Tomas in Italy!) lead us right back to the flat! I screamed when Rick almost took out the side mirror of a Rolls Royce (could have been) and slightly "curbed" the mini. Maybe driving on the left side of the road with a the gear shift on your left takes a little getting used to! Rick reprogrammed Tom-Tom, we both took a deep breath and off we went without another incident! The nursery and farmer's market were incredible. We stopped in Richmond at a pub for fish and chips and hit the BIG grocery store on our way home. The mini was FULL!

These are the window boxes before and after ..... I think the day was a success! Lillia, the housekeeper, is not happy with our selection or the mess we made, nothing new. Now we have to keep them alive in this heatwave we are having!


Christy said...
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Christy said...

They look wonderful!