Thursday, July 24, 2008

A DOG walk in the Park

When I'm missing the girls and Tucker I will take a walk through the park and I always come back energized. In an hour I can see more breeds of dogs than I can name. Most of the dogs are in groups with dog walkers and I must tell you, they are the most well-behaved dogs I've ever seen! I often wonder about their know what they say about a pet and it's owner. (Stay with me here, I haven't completely lost it!)

This one's easy! This owner is full of energy and independent. She is training for a marathon, eats only raw vegetables and can walk into a room and become the center of attention.

The all-American dog in London! His owner plays rugby, drives an old Range Rover when he's not commuting on his bike, and meets friends at his local pub on Thursday nights.

Ohhh...the puppy! I know this owner likes to cuddle and giggle. She is happy with life and spends her days making other peoples lives better!

I actually met the owner who is a breeder. She was very friendly but a little eccentric as she told me about the long "dynasty" of her championship poodles. Aren't they well-behaved? They posed for this picture!

You know his owner has a beard!

Best dressed and much too busy to chat....Her owner is most certainly attractive, flamboyant, and has celebrity friends. She is busy with appointments - the hair salon, personal trainer, nail salon, personal shopper!

Tucker's Irish cousin! He is only behaving because the dog walker is about to throw a ball - which he won't bring back! I am sure he comes from a happy, quirky family and the Mom- friendly and completely content- feeds him treats while she is getting dinner ready.

Don't you think his owner drinks her afternoon tea out of a Wedgewood cup and has embroidered pillows with her favorite terriers on them. She is charming and persuasive and can make people believe that just knowing her is a privilege.

Very regal, this dog's owner may have a "Sir" or "Lady" in front of their name. My guess would be intelligent and cunning at the same time. HE may give out good investment advice and can be very persuasive.

I would like this owner....probably charming, practical, hardworking. He's the kind of person you would bring home to meet your parents!

He can't help but bark out orders and obey the rules...he is German! His friends were not supposed to be in the lake!

Look at those eyes! The owner doesn't seem to mind slobber and wet dog hair, probably not the tidiest person but patient enough to throw a ball over and over.

The largest dog I saw today. His owner dreams of living on a country estate and is adventurous, like possibly dog sledding across a frozen terrain!

No further comment necessary!

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