Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A day trip to Cambridge

Our Aussie friends, Peter and Deb, planned this trip to Cambridge just to experience a posh restaurant so we agreed to tag along. After our extraordinary 5 course lunch (Yes, I tried Pigeon!) with a delightful Australian wine we "waddled" down the Cam River to explore.

Punting is supposed to capture the essence of carefree college days: a student leaning on a long pole, lazily guiding the flat-bottomed boat while others stretch out and relax. But too many Punters can mean a traffic jam and at least one capsized boat! Although Rick tried to convince me that he would keep us upright, I was not planning to ride back to the city on a train, soaking wet!

Cambridge University has 31 colleges but we really wanted to see the chapel at King's College (top picture). We missed the closing time by 15 time we will plan better!

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