Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pub, Pub, Pub....

You can't visit London without going to a few Pubs! 
Some Pubs we had to visit again....
(notice the construction on Chester Row....
out in the nick of time!) 

The Duke of Wellington

Our old favorite Pub for so many reasons...

The Antelope

Best Sunday Roast Pub....

The Orange

Of course we also discovered a few new Pubs.

The Black Friar Pub
On Queen Victoria Street
with Art Nouveau interior dating back to 1905

My favorite "new" pub by far.....
An original Victorian Gin Palace

The Viaduct Tavern
near St. Paul's Cathedral 

Pomegranate infused Gin ... it was tasty! 

The ice was chipped off a huge block to keep it from melting in 
your G&T.

We even scored a private tour of the ancient dungeons
and vaults below the Pub, 
once used to connect to 
the debtor's jail, Newgate Prison, across the street.....
haunted indeed! 

And Bus 11 back to Sloane Square....

Cheers Y'all!  

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Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Great post! I know this was filled with lots of memories... old and new.