Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rye Bay Scallop Week

When we boarded the train at St. Pancreas,
with a change in Ashford, we had no idea
that it was Rye Bay Scollop week.  The sun
was shining with a hint of spring in the air….
we were just out for another weekend
 to Rye.

For several hundred years from the late 1100, Rye enjoyed Royal Privileges, becoming a wealthy port.  It was made a Royal Borough and was allowed to run its own affairs, raise its own taxes, and operate its own judicial system. Despite the presence of a King's Bailiff, Rye earned a terrible reputation for smuggling and piracy!  

From the Ypres Tower above the Castle Museum we could look across the marsh and imagine this little town's past life as a port in the days before the sea rolled back. 

A stroll along Rye's cobbled streets revealed 
Mermaid Lane….

There's a theme going here with small doors!  

The wharf area is packed with souvenir shops, antique stores, 
pubs, and tea rooms.

But the best part of our day was our sampling of 
Bay Scallop dishes!

Coquilles St. Jacques….
Simply means "scallop" in French,
but remember this……
a sweet scallop grilled in butter atop chopped sautéed mushrooms,
steamed spinach and mash,
topped with a little Gruyere cheese
all tucked into a pretty shell! 

Rye Rocked! 

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