Monday, September 30, 2013

What? A bus in the Euro Tunnel?

That's exactly what we did ... the bus drove INTO a train car and there we sat, gently rocking back and forth, engine off-no air, for about a 25 minute ride to the northern shore of France.  We were told we could get off the bus and stand between the bus and the solid sides of the train, about 3 feet on each side, but it seemed a little scary.  I must admit that on the return trip, with Rick leading the way, several of us braved the walk to the restrooms in the first car of the cargo train.

Our Normandy "AWC Couples" adventure begins in Bayeux at a 3 star hotel just steps from the majestic Cathedral. The location was perfect, the hotel ..... "charming" (code word = adequate)!

We entered the Cathedral just in time to hear the end of the evening organ
recital - it was breathtaking and haunting at the same time!  Around the cathedral is the historic center comprised of timber framed houses, restaurants, and shops with display windows of french pastries, camembert cheese, chocolates, embroidery, lace, and apple cider  ....  all local to the Normandy area.

The first night we all ate together....
~I could not wait to dig into a pot of moules and frites!

Saturday afternoon we had time to explore the famous 
Tapisserie de Bayeux

which tells the story of the conquest of England by 
William, Duke of Normandy in 1066.  
The good thing was that with the help of the audio guide we moved right along
the 70 meter marvel of the 11th century!

Leaving plenty of time for social gathering and reflection of our
 memorable day on 
the D-day landing beaches.

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