Monday, September 23, 2013

London Cabbie Huts

They look like overgrown garden sheds but these distinctive green huts can be found on the streets of London offering shelter and tea for cab drivers since 1875.

Because cab drivers weren't allowed to leave their vehicles when parked at a stand, it was difficult for them to get a hot meal while at work, so The Earl of Shaftesbury (God bless 'im) and a few philanthropic chums decided to create a cabbie's charity in 1874. 

Entitled the Cabmen's Shelter Fund, the charity set out to construct and run shelters to provide cabbies with 'good and wholesome refreshments at moderate prices.' 

Only 13 still exist today and many are open to the public
for 'takeaway' sales...
Yup, the construction workers and us,
 just in time for 

We were greeted with a smile and you can't beat the prices....

Tea and Coffee   80p
All cakes           80p
Sausage Roll      £2.30
Bacon Toastie     £2.30
Add an egg for 20p!  

Breakfast  at a Cabbie Hut was on Marianna's "bucket list" before she leaves London
 and we tagged along!
Rick is still talking about that sausage roll!  

This fat pigeon sitting on the roof was waiting 
for someone to drop a crumb!  
A little frightening, don't you think?  

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A Tale of Two Cities said...

I always wanted to eat at one, but could find no one else who was interested. I think they're fascinating. Looks like it was yummy!