Wednesday, January 16, 2013

London Pride

The UK's leading premium cask ale....
Just a few tube stops from here, on the District line - Turnham Green-
is the Fuller's Brewery. 
We pass it every time we go to Heathrow and have always said,"We should stop there!"
Beer has been brewed on this site for over 350 years!

No tour would be complete without finishing with a mouth
watering tasting session of Fullers Beers.

My favourite by far....Honey Dew!

We learned a lot about beer .... the basic ingredients: water, malted barley (smells like Ovaltine
or dog food to some!)
brewers yeast,  hops (makes it  "bitah"!)
and a clarifying agent.....
 from the bladder of a sturgeon fish.
(Now, did we really want to know that?)  

And we laughed about the fact that Americans like our beer really, really COLD! 

You never know what you will find on an AWC adventure!  

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