Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why did the pheasant cross the road?

The same reason we did get to the other side, of course! I thought you might like to join me as our resident guides, Consuelo, Paul, and Ruby lead us to the highest point in Surrey (I may be making that up), through the forest, pastures and apple orchards, down country lanes and back gardens, to the perfect pub on the town square.

Here's something I bet you didn't know...
Notice the red on the back side of the sheep? Red "breeding paint" is smeared on the ram's chest so that the farmer will know who gets bred and when. Any ewe with a red "tail" has been bred. Simple technique, very clever, no dirty jokes! These two think they are hiding from us behind those apple trees and Ruby is so well behaved she doesn't even look their way!

After our invigorating walk we hopped in the back of the OLD Land Rover (and I noticed everybody in the country has one) and returned to Consuelo's kitchen to the smells of a beef casserole, slow roasted in the AGA oven, and a deliciously warm lemon tart. What a wonderful weekend thanks to our very special hosts!

PS. I have now decided that I want to turn the garage at the Rivah House into a "cottage", I want to trade the Jeep in for an OLD Land Rover, and I want a blue AGA oven....put it on my wish list!


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Sounds like it was a magical day when everything came together perfectly--including the weather. Good luck with that Christmas list!


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Didn't you just renew your kitchen??? I do think the queen's cottage would be perfect.