Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Proper English Wedding

As we were entering the local pub in Petworth we were almost run down by a group who appeared to be dressed for a proper English wedding. I asked in my shy American voice, "Hey, what time is the wedding?" One of the guys looked at his watch and said, "Well about now!" So while Rick found a seat at the bar and ordered a brew, I got out my camera and followed the click-clock of high heels on cobblestone and the rowdy bunch of mates up the hill to the chapel. I wasn't invited in but I did take some pictures of the bride's arrival.

A special day indeed!


Donna said...

Love the car...looks beautiful! We saw a wedding in Ireland and the formality was fun to see. They all wore organza dresses that looked like they could float away and hats that were amazing. So pretty in a hillside chapel that had so much charm!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Oooh! Don't you wish you could have stepped in for a wee bit of the ceremony?

Sounds like you had a perfect weekend!