Monday, November 16, 2009

What to pack???

Or should I say, "What NOT to pack!"
Instead of taking photo's of London sights I thought it might be helpful for my Sister and her son, who have started the "thinking about packing" stage of their travels here for Thanksgiving, to actually take photos of some of the tourists...taking photos of some of the sights. Weird, I know but interesting none the less!

Boots and jeans, raincoats and scarves, cameras, backpacks.....huge silver bag?
I see a lot more people using their phones for a quick memory shot.

What happens to Ugg's when they get water-logged?

Don't even think about it...the sandals that is!

Bright red hair seems to popular...easy to spot in a crowd!

Can you spot the American?

We plan to do A LOT of walking, go to the American Thanksgiving ceremony at St. Paul's, enjoy a Thanksgiving feast with good friends, see a show, and hit a few Pubs. The Oyster cards are topped off and ready! Start packing!


barb cabot said...

Wonderful to see what the tourists are wearing. Not too many surprises here but great collections of shots. I'm a friend of Sandi's and I'm so thrilled that you will be with your sister and nephew and family for the holidays. What a special time. Enjoy. Ps I love your blog.

a Tale of Two Cities said...

Practical advice for your sister's trip! You are all going to have so much fun while she is here. I want to do more "people-shooting" with my camera, but so far, I'm just getting the backs of folks until I get braver. And of course, I never have the camera out when the best outfits come along!


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

So I obviously need to get some skinny jeans... where did Oprah say she gets hers?

Anonymous said...

Turkey Day UK~You have to come join us!

8th Annual Thanksgiving London American Meetup!
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The George
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Thanksgiving Carvery Price: £15.00 per person

Happy Thanksgiving

Well it's finally here! Thanksgiving London 2009! It's Thanksgiving Day in America, time for turkey and football. We can take care of your turkey, and we've got some Pro Football to boot!

We're going to be having a great Carvery meal of traditional Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings and real pumpkin pie! (We source our own!) Along the way were going to watch some American Football with 400 or so fellow Americans for good times and good fellowship.

Our 8th annual Thanksgiving dinner brings together the expat American community from all over the UK. I can proudly say it was, for many years the only public American Thanksgiving available in London.

The Carvery
We will be serving Traditional Turkey Dinner, including real Pumpkin Pie! Stuffing, Gravy, Brussels sprouts, Mashed Potatoes, Roast Potatoes, Green Beans, Carrots and Cranberry Sauce! Vegetarians get Nut Roast with Veg Gravy instead of Turkey. There will also be limited Beef and Lamb available as well as limited housemade alternative desserts (to Pumpkin Pie) as supplies last.

The Football
We have live Sky American Football on Sunday

There will be two live NFL games on at 6:00 pm and at 9:00 pm. the teams playing are yet to be announced.

We're going to be showing Friday nights Denver Broncos v New York Giants or Dallas Cowboys v Oakland Raiders game (if we can tivo it~ TBC) from 3:00, so try not to watch it. Otherwise its NHL hockey with Montreal v Washington or College Football, no hoops on Sunday.

The Kids
This is a kid friendly event. All under 7's come free. Age 7 and older pay the standard charge. We'll try and dig up last years Macy's parade, but cannot promise. A good option is to show them the live steaming here.

The Pub
The George is a great, historic Tudor pub right across from the Royal Courts of Justice.

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Not a problem, as the downstairs has plenty of room. The entire bar is ours all day from 1:30 in the afternoon till evening. We're all in for a great Sunday afternoon!