Friday, March 20, 2009

Day trip to Brighton

Rich in history and heritage, the royal Pavilion is one of the most exotic palaces I have seen. Too bad I was not able to take pictures inside. This palace with it's ornate Chinese interior was completed for George, Prince Regent in 1820. Later Queen Victoria, not thinking it was big enough for her family, sold it to the town of Brighton.

The main reason for our trip to Brighton was to enjoy a little sunshine at the beach! We strolled along the seafront, explored the Brighton Pier and enjoyed a traditional lunch of fish and chips.

At the heart of the city are Brighton's historic Lanes, once a fishing village now full of winding alleyways, antique and jewelry shops, pubs and restaurants. In one of the windows I spotted a Royal Air Force pilot wings pin, a treasure I could not resist!

and for the train ride back to London....a treat of red velvet cupcakes!

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Donna said...

Don't know how I found your blog but it is so much fun to see things going on in London! You have a beautiful home and look like a lot of fun!! You are on my list of favorites to read now.:-)