Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Day of Churches in Verona

We explored 7 churches in Verona, each unique and beautiful. I learned that you can not judge the richness of the interior by just observing the architecture of the outside and when inside, you have to walk through the side chapels and around the choirstall to find hidden masterpieces. We balanced our day of lessons by sitting in the pews listening to an organ recital and stopping for our boost of cappuccino.

Just to show that I did learn ( and retain) something on this trip, I have a new favorite artist, Giulio Ramono. He created many masterpieces in the late 16th century, was a pupil of Raphael, and is identified as a "mannerist". His use of Trompe L'oeil (which means to mislead the eye) can open a ceiling to the sky. His characters are spirited and larger than life, and sometimes quite provocative.....see why I am intrigued?

The best examples were in Montova at the Palazzo Ducale, a "hunting lodge" owned by the Gonzaga family but I could not take pictures inside. I'll be looking for his work when we make our trip to Rome in May.......more Churches!!!


Kelly B said...

That is so beautiful!!Thank you for the photos. Someday, I will get to go there.... :)

jdeq said...

Wonderful shots Holly! Verone looks lovely. I am given serious consideration to visiting this area on our next trip to Italy.

I agree with your 'churches in Italy' lesson: more often than not the beauty is on the inside . . . a cliched metarphor for all of us, perhaps. It never ceases to amaze me how often you'll find a building that looks like a ruin on the outside but when you pass through the entrance way you are surrounded by stunning beauty and light!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

When you click on those photos you can really see the detail.
Does this mean we will have to go into every church in Rome?

I have weak ankles you know...

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Holly, what fun that must have been! I'm envious of all the things you get to see over there. I'd take about 3 mos & travel through Europe if I could. Hope you are well!