Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lavenham and Long Melford

On the road again.... this time we met our Blue Badge Guide for a tour around Lavenham, in the heart of rural Suffolk, about a 2 hour bus ride Northeast of London. The village is a surviving example of a Tutor market town with timber-framed houses still in excellent condition...leaning a little but still in use. In the 15th and 16th century this little town was known for the Suffolk wool cloth which was uniquely dyed a beautiful blue color using cabbages- kind of a Wedgwood blue. We had a delicious lunch at The Swan, the hotel and restaurant in Lavenham. It would be a nice weekend country retreat to return to in the Zip Car!

After lunch we rode to Long Medford and shopped along main street. There were butchers, bakers, art galleries, bookshops, a kitchen shop, and several antique shops. I found a small, framed, oil painting of lambs in a pasture... a perfect memory of the English countryside and another addition to my collection of paintings.

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