Sunday, October 12, 2008

Brugge, Belgium by Eurostar

With Christy in London for a long weekend we wanted to do something special, so our adventure began with a Friday afternoon Eurostar train to Brussels and then a connection to Brugge. We had to stand for most of the hour train ride to Brugge because I didn't plan for rush hour. I wasn't really sure where the hotel was but I read it was just off the square..... follow the church steeple. With over 20 Churches and Squares we ended up walking a bit...yes, we could have taken a cab! Some of us are better travelers than others but when we got to Aragon Hotel our accommodations, for 3 adults -not easy in Europe- were excellent. The sunset could not have been more beautiful and we enjoyed a delicious steak and fries meal next to flaming fireplace at Pieter Pourbus Restaurant. We shared dessert of ice cream with warm chocolate sauce and chocolate truffles.

We wanted to beat the crowds so after a hearty European breakfast at the hotel we went on a canal boat tour and saw Brugge from a different perspective. The morning sun reflecting off the water and bright red vines climbing up the walls of ancient brick buildings made every picture a postcard image. See for yourself! As we made our way to the Chocoladehuisje and Museum we stopped at a few Belgium Lace shops to pick up a gift or two.

All that chocolate history made us thirsty so with the help of Christy as our excellent map reader, we followed the canals to the brewery where we enjoyed a tall glass of the local blonde beer - Brugge Zot. The town is just one square after another of chocolate shops, linen shops, churches, and small family restaurants. We had a late lunch on a quiet side-street at 'tSchrijverke, an outdoor bistro featuring pots of steamed mussels, steak salad, and our course the standard - a bowl full of crispy fries...I'm telling you a meal I will dream of!

We ended up walking back to the train station through a quiet park. After a 1 hour train ride (in the first class cabin this time!) and then a 2 hour Eurostar train to London we got back to the flat around 9 PM. It really was the perfect weekend adventure and so fun to share it with Christy!

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Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Oh~ I know y'all had such a good time!
Love the photos.