Monday, January 7, 2008

2008 Resolutions

Happy New Year! Actually I don't hear anybody saying that so it must be past the appropriate greeting period - it is the 7th already. Rick and I are disgusted (him more than me but I'm supportive!) with our "50+ year old, ate and drank too much over the holidays" bodies so we have resolved to get back into shape. That's a new one, huh? This weekend we wore our pedometers-a great Xmas gift from Haley!- everywhere we went, tracking our mileage, calories and steps. The funny thing about that is I took more steps and burned FEWER calories than Rick who walked the exact same distance. He says it's because he is carrying a heavier load (if you know what I mean!) and has a wider stride.....whatever, I am charting the same thing for both of us! Already the competition has begun! One of our walking trips lead us to my new tennis venue- it took us about 45 minutes with 2 train changes and a walk through the projects. I decided that I will email the list of tennis players and see if anyone else is making the journey by train.....maybe I will find that one Kennsington-Chelsea Women's Club member who has a driver....she'll be my new partner! We play every Tuesday and we don't start until 10 am, maybe lunch afterward, surely I can make it there and back before dark. If I wear my pedometer when I play I will be able to bank some mileage - this is going to be easier than I thought!

Here's a little diet hint I read in the Sunday Times; "If you are devoted to your white wine, you'll miss it at first, but stock up on Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut champagne is my advice - practically carb-free (only 65 calories per glass), though not cheap. So use your brain - aforementioned toasties, for instance, should be a treat rather than a daily staple."

Off to Pilates....and then the wine store! Cheers!

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Kimberley Mann said...

My 2008 resolutions included trying to keep in better touch with family members. My mothers side of the family(the Kings) are as I now being older realize-NUTS! I would love to keep track of the saner side,with your help.