Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Getting in the spirit....

So I made it back to London with my 2 red berry wreaths, 4 feet of garland, 2 real-looking evergreen candle wreaths, 1 reindeer kitchen rug, and no partridge in a pear tree....but I bet I can buy one at Harrods! As a matter of fact yesterday, I took a twilight walk - 3 PM- around the outside of Harrods and Harvey Nichols just to get in the spirit and see the beautiful holiday windows. Funny how the toys and children's delights are on the back side and the designer luxuries, including a gold Rolls Royce & Lamborghini are along the main street. What is that old saying about " a man and his toys"? Earlier in the day Lilla and I bonded over a frosted freezer and I brought up the newspaper article about our neighbor upstairs. She had her opinions but also told me that Robin's father (AKA scar-face) only had £100 thousand to give away....SF's step father is the "richest man in the world" (apparently NOT the Donald!) and his mother gives him an allowance. Something tells me it is more than we put in Haley's account every month!

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