Sunday, March 15, 2015

New York City - a place for friends to meet!

When the stars align, New York City is the perfect place for friends to meet and play.  Can I tell you how much I love having girlfriends who like to organize a trip!?!

First on the agenda, a Broadway Musical of course.....
Honeymoon in Vegas featuring Tony Danza
Great music, laughter, and the flying Elvis-es!

then, decisions, decisions.....
the night is still young and we are in NYC.....
Margaritas & a movie anyone?

The next morning we all met at Ground 0
to tour the underground museum honoring the victims of 9\11.
To say it is moving and powerful is an understatement! 
The sheer enormity of this historic event is captured 
and reminded all of us of that morning, when we were mesmerized 
by what we were watching on TV. 
It is a part of OUR history and everyone must see it! 

After an all-girls lunch and a little shopping at Chelsea Market we caught up with the guys
 for dinner at Hurley's Saloon in New York's Theater District
 where we spent the evening reminiscing 
about good times together in London.

.......and planning our Tuesday together!

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