Sunday, December 21, 2014

Do you like Egg Nog? and Frozen?

I am not talking about the time consuming homemade Egg Nog
.....  the kind my sister-in-law spends hours perfecting for us on Thanksgiving Eve
.....  the kind with a precious dozen, hard to separate, pasteurized eggs, and a quart of heavy cream,
       and a mixer that has to whip the egg whites just right
...... Is there another kind you ask?

I am talking about the kind you buy from our local dairy Hornstra's Farm!
and oh so easy!!!

I can't wait to add a little "something extra" to mine!  

Along with my Egg Nog I will serve some very special
 Gingerbread  cookies
from our local bakery
Ginger Betty's 

Ginger Betty also won the local 
Gingerbread House decorating contest....

You can see why,
this is her rendition of 

I wish you all the joy that comes with sharing special treats
with friends and family this holiday season! 

1 comment:

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I love it when you post a new blog. I think Brooke and I might need to work on a Frozen gingerbread house.
(or... Maybe not!)