Sunday, October 6, 2013


A picture post card of one of the most recognizable landmarks in Normandy......

Our actual view as we made our early morning "pilgrimage" toward the Mont Saint Michel Abbey.  
I was here 38 years ago with my Auburn roommate, Betinna, and her family.
 I remember how amazed I was ... a sight never forgotten! 
 We drove our Volkswagen Van across the causeway and parked at the base of village before making the winding climb to the top.  

The man-made causeway evidently caused the bay to "silt up" so construction is in progress to build a new bridge and a touristy shopping/parking/shuttle village has been built to handle the mass of visitors. 
I could not help but think how disappointed Betinna's family would be to see this. 

The Abbey is so beautiful....
the cloister so peaceful....

Definitely, still worth the trip! 

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