Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The magical Greek island of Santorini

Every picture is a postcard!  

and I can't think of a more romantic place to spend our 35th Wedding Anniversary!

We were greeted at the airport by warm, dry air, a driver, and the beautiful hotel manager Eva, with news that we were going to spend the first night at one of the sister hotels in the center of the island, GRACE, and the next day we would have a driver take us to KIRINI and.... 
"Mr. & Mrs. Mayfield, you have been upgraded to our best suites!"
Well alrighty!!!
~I have grown to love that word "upgrade"!~

an infinity pool and a breathtaking spot for breakfast! 

We felt like exploring so walked along a path, about an hour to the village of Fira, 
where many of the cruise ships dock.
It was busy, with lots of small shops and restaurants along winding, narrow paths.

Our private hot tub was waiting for our return..........

After a fantastic dinner of Greek salad (the freshest tomatoes I have had all summer and yummy Feta) and fresh grilled fish drizzled in olive oil, lemon juice and fresh oregano, all complimented with Santorini wine, it dawned on us as the sun was setting that our journey back to GRACE was going to be uphill 



A Tale of Two Cities said...

Must have been sublime! Your camera really captured it well--must have been so fun with such pretty shots surrounding you in every direction...

Stacy Brady said...

I've never seen a more beautiful place! Your pictures are wonderful. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy!