Saturday, November 3, 2012

Spirit of Christmas Fair

Can you smell the dried orange and apple, cloves and cinnamon sticks?
 Of course YOU CAN'T  .... we have not even celebrated Thanksgiving or the always anticipated Auburn VS Alabama football game (we know they are going to kill us this year!) I attended the Spirit of Christmas Fair in Olympia, London this week and maybe, just maybe, some of these goodies will get you in the SPIRIT early!

How about a pair of these gloves by Alexski....
Exquisite English leather and Possum fur! The very same ones that Kate wears!
I bought a leather belt at 'From The Hip' - cute name for a belt company.  We also looked at scarves and discussed the whole color dilemma - "what do I already have in my closet?"  
Do you know anyone who plays chess? How about a pair of these clever wooden salt and pepper mills? Or if you are a supporter of the "other team" you might be tempted by one of these houndstooth puppies.
I thought this was very cute and something my artsy-crafty friends might want to see/copy ... it is an Advent calendar. Small burlap mittens are numbered 1-25 and hung on a clothes line with tiny wooden clothes pins. Each mitten could hold a special treat for the little ones as Christmas day approaches.
I have to admit I found a special something for myself - from the Cashmere & Cotton stall.  I just loved the whole look with the white blouse and boots with leggings.  I bought the taupe but this orange is calling my name!  
So much for Christmas shopping!!! Just one more thing......
Have you bought your poppy today?  


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Thanks for taking me along!
Those orange strands are great... I have some oranges in the bottom of my fridge that might be half-way there.
Love the sweaters, of course you need orange! The houndstooth is cute. The possom gloves I'm not so sure about! (they might make you want to jump into the road at night)
Looks like a fun day!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Can't wait to see what you bought! This makes me anticipate the Country Living Fair even more!

Haley said...

I love the scarves! You dont need to think of what color you have because if you already have it you can just pass it down to me!

Nancy said...

So much eye candy, Holly! I'll have my eye out for the cashmere sweaters at the Country Living Fair! And - can a girl ever have too many scarves???!