Friday, August 31, 2012

Behind the "Perfect" shot.......

The first thing we talk about, when we are planning our family trip to the beach, is the FAMILY PHOTO. Tommy seemed confused by this, doesn't every family take a group picture at the beach? We have to pick a night when all family members are there, we have to choose the color combo (keeping in mind that the guys prefer ONLY white and khaki), we have to count on the kindness of friends with cameras, and we have to keep our fingers crossed that the weather holds out, and Waa-la... we have the Christmas card picture!
Or maybe not...Haley hates this one because her hair is blowing!
Or maybe not....Uncle Rick was always blowing 'raspberries' at baby Hope!
Or maybe not....we seemed to need a lot of help 'staging' ourselves which usually lead to a round of giggles.
Or maybe not....those red solo cups got everyone down to the beach for the dreaded moment but they do stand out in the family shot!
This may be our best shot of the day! Honestly, with a family this good looking we can't go wrong!

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