Saturday, January 28, 2012

Australia Day - Jan. 26

g'day mate! I hope you didn't miss it...Thursday was Australia Day and here in London our Aussie friends, Tim and Sandra, know how to celebrate! We all gathered at our favorite neighborhood pub....The Orange. Sandra was the perfect hostess and welcomed us by explaining that if we were "down under" she would tell us to don our thongs, get frocked up, grab our mate or pick up a few sheilas, sink a few handles and the night'll really go off!
And then she translated for the Americans....put on your flip-flops, change out of your business suit, grab your spouse, or pick up a few girls, have a beer, and get ready to party!
Good on ya Tim and was a ripper!!!

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Eve said...

Sorry I missed it! I hear it was great fun. See you soon. Eve