Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tree Hugger

You may remember this in the news last February...... Auburn Tree Huggers: Fans & Friends of Toomer's Corner AU to test for spread of herbicide Auburn University will begin drilling test wells today around the Toomer’s Corner oaks to monitor the possible spread of herbicide in the surrounding soil and groundwater. Yes, the trees were poisoned by some wacko who actually bragged about it on Talk Radio! And the University has done everything possible to try to save the trees on Toomer's Corner but sadly, this is what the magnificent trees looked like last week when we were visiting the "loveliest village on the plain". I was impressed with some of the T-shirts on sale to help the cause.
And I thought it might be fun to replay last year's Christmas card photo in front of the trees after a "major celebration".... Cause this is how we roll in Auburn!

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