Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Napa....Need I say more?

Wine is what it's all about! We shared a fantastic weekend with the Almasseys touring many of the "boys" favorite wineries, tasting some of the best Reserve wines in some of the most incredible settings. We were drawn to the William Hill Winery because we have selected the Cabernet Sauvignon as the red wine for the wedding (coming up in 2 weeks!) The setting could not have been more relaxing as we sat on a hillside under the shade of umbrellas in comfy Adirondack chairs sipping a perfectly chilled glass of wine.
One of the highlights of our weekend was the Castelle di exact reproduction of a Tuscan Castle, including chapel and dungeon, built into a hillside in Napa. We took a horse and carriage ride through the grounds and ended up in a huge vaulted, heavy beamed, grand room for our tasting.
This picture is not great of us but it cracks me up....I think Mary and I were on overload with the wisdom of wine tasting! Time to head back to San Francisco!

Need I say More?


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

That photo cracks me up too!
I can almost hear your side comments. :-)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Must have been a fun trip--how did you get all that wine back to Boston????

Consuelo said...

What a fabulous blog! All I can say is "It's a tough life - but someone has to do it!" x