Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SW 19 and the golden ticket!

Our day started out so promising!
We hopped on the District Line to Wimbledon at just past 7, followed a cute "ball-girl" decked out in her Ralph Lauren Polo purple and green uniform up the hill to the join others in the official Queue. Within minutes we had our Queue card and grounds pass number. And then, one of the official stewards offered us a chance to upgrade with a ticket to Court 1....well I felt like Charlie with Willy Wonka's golden ticket... Court 1 for the Women's Quarterfinals at Wimbledon- OMG!

Finally, with exciting anticipation, we are in and our first stop is for official merchandise....second stop - Pimm's with strawberries and cream, of course!
As we make our way around the incredibly lush and manicured grounds we visit Henman/Murray Hill, watch a little of Lisicki and Bartoli's warm-up session, and settle in on Court 18 for some ladies doubles.

That is when it happened....just before 1:00 when play was scheduled to begin on Court 1...
the skies opened up with thunder and lightening that shook the ground. All courts were quickly covered, the roof was closed on Centre Court, and fans headed for the food courts. We were kept informed with the most polite and accurate weather announcements but after lunch and few more Pimms it was still raining so we gave up. But not without making plans to return next year!


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Oh Well... You can always say you were on center court at Wimbledon. ( you don't have to say for how long)
BTW, I saw the pictures of Will and Kate... She was the best dressed in her all white. Much better than the Williams Sisters!

Consuelo x said...

Benedict probably chopped all the fruit in your Pimms - I hope you enjoyed it!!