Saturday, May 28, 2011

There is no I in "TEAM"!

Well...there may be if you are dyslexic! "Wr so prd of Haly an hr accmplsmnts I jst hv to brg a bt!"
I'll bet you had some trouble reading that at first but you figured it's because your brain automatically knows the rules of phonics and fills in the spaces with the missing vowel sounds and letters needed to read this short sentence. Now think of how difficult it would be to read a whole "Ancient Civilizations" text book if it were written this way... exhausting, right?
In a classroom of 28 students, a teacher in our public school system is expected to challenge every individual....the shy, the overweight, the angry, the hungry, the blind, the hyperactive, the wheelchair bound, the gifted, the bored, and the dyslexic!

When I asked Haley what it was that kept her positive and in school she talked about the "TEAM" she had on her side. All those special teachers along the way who developed her IEP (Individual Educational Plan) and taught her how SHE had to study and how SHE had to learn....right through four years of college. In elementary and middle school, I considered being Haley's "advocate" a full time job but somewhere along High School she took over and that is what made her strong enough to take on the challenge of college......AND SHE DID IT -- SHE GRADUATED!

It was a fun day and we celebrated with friends and family.


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I was the ONLY one not there... I hated to miss the big day, because I am so very proud too.
Good Job Haley!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Way to go, Haley! That was definitely worth a huge celebration!