Sunday, April 10, 2011

Steamed Shrimp!

For over 75 years, Joe Patti's has been located on the Pensacola Bay. In the early 1930's Anna and Joe Patti started selling fish from their front porch on Devillier's Street in Pensacola. Captain Joe had a philosophy. He would sell only the highest quality fish at a fair price....I need to interject here that he also did not think he had to pay taxes so he spent a few years in prison, but he is out now and forgiven!
In the early 90's Joe Patti's served all of the restaurants along the Gulf Coast of Florida and Alabama. Today Joe Patti's has expanded to include a gourmet delicatessen, sushi bar, and wine shop. It is an impressive landmark and always busy....we stopped by to pick up some shrimp and noticed that all of the seafood is labeled with where it came from - a clear sign that not all is back to normal with fishing on the Gulf Coast after the oil spill last summer.

Captain Joe says,

"Our Royal Reds, at present, are coming from the tip of South America, the clear cold waters of the Antarctic Ocean. These are the same species as the ones in the Gulf or on the East Coast.

Remember, these shrimp are of a very delicate nature. Boil them. Bring the water to a good boil, drop in the shrimp and in exactly 2 minutes, remove shrimp from water and cool immediately with tap water. They will be perfect. Cooking time is so important. If they are over-cooked, trash them, they will be super mushy. Always remember they are delicate and not a firm species like their in-shore cousins, but have a great flavor. "

Steaming Hot, Hot shrimp, a glass of cold wine, friends and family to watch the sunset....
That's what I'm talking about!


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Nothing better than Gulf shrimp--not matter how you cook them! I'm so thankful to live close enough to the coast to get them fresh when we get hungry for some.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

That is not a very flattering picture of Rick~ bless his heart. He was working overtime in the kitchen that day. I seem to remember the sound of a nice vintage Woodbridge crashing on the floor.
It almost brought tears to our eyes.

Joe Patti may know shrimp... but he doesn't know taxes.