Saturday, October 16, 2010

Please don't feed the peacock!

Leeds Castle sits alone on an island and is the result of over 900 years of alterations and changes. It has Norman foundations, a mediaeval gatehouse, a Georgian tower, and is still decorated as an elegant country residence. In fact, the wealthy American heiress, Lady Baillie embarked on a complete refurbishment including a swimming pool and golf course. Today the castle is part of a trust and can be rented for conferences, banquets, and WEDDINGS!
Can you imagine?

The castle is surrounded by a 3,000 acre estate. Beyond the gardens is an aviary, a vineyard and a maze. Wondering around the grounds are dozens of peacocks and black swans, the symbol for the castle, as Lady Baillie was the first person to import them to the UK from their native Australia.


A Tale of Two Cities said...

I'll never forget the aviary visit at Leeds--I think the peacocks and swans kept their distance from those very vocal birds who reside there.


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I hear that peacock feathers are all the rage at Weddings!
That's what I get for looking at every wedding blog in the world :-)