Saturday, October 30, 2010

Are you ready for some American Football?

The 2010 NFL International Series game will see the San Francisco 49ers take on the Denver Broncos at Wembley Stadium tomorrow. I will be there with over half a million people, many American expats living in London!

First we stopped at the Texas Embassy for a little "American" refreshment (Oh so good!) and then we walked to Trafalgar Square for the first-ever NFL fan rally! Whoo-hoo, just in time for the 49er's cheerleaders, they call themselves "The Gold Rush".

I guess if you couldn't decide which team to cheer for, this is the perfect jersey to wear!
And then ..... it rained!


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Too bad about the rain! I wish we could have been there to see this!

Eating my Mexican food leftovers from last night's dinner today and being thankful for them!!!


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

The british football player/rickshaw driver is too funny.
Even with the rain the game won't be as cold as those you sat through in Norwell!
I hope y'all got to see the Auburn game... another romp :-) We have our fingers crossed for the big one ~of course I mean Alabama. Much bigger than any ole National Championship.