Saturday, September 4, 2010

We have a wedding to plan!

It took a village to pull off this surprise engagement, everybody had a part to play and the evening was just perfect!
Thank you Uncle Sam for finally getting Doug's tax return in the mail!
Thank you Aunt Sandi for being crafty and tricking Christy into telling her ring size!
Thank you Rick for connecting Doug with a reputable jeweler!
Thank you Michelle for being the hand model and sounding board!
Thank you Haley and Tom for waiting for the postman at the apartment in Providence!
AND THANK YOU ME FOR KEEPING THE WHOLE THING A SECRET....Doug's mom even admitted to telling a complete stranger in the grocery store!

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon for Christy and Doug to take a boat ride to the SPIT. Christy did not know that both families were gathering at the house to greet the happy couple with champagne and hugs when they returned. We waited in the house until Doug dropped to one knee and we heard the official scream - wait, I think that was Doug's Dad screaming! It was a joyful, exciting occasion......

and now we have a wedding to plan!

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A Tale of Two Cities said...

Many more of those fun times ahead with a wedding on the horizon. Can't wait to hear the early thoughts when we reconnect.

Back in London on the 13th--got to go to Disney first!