Thursday, July 15, 2010

Claim to Fame

One of the many (that's a joke) celebrities in our little town of Norwell is Jan Brett. She is one of the nation's foremost author and illustrators of children's books. Most of her books are tales about exotic places and unusual animals.....Scandinavia and Hedgie, the hedgehog, Finnmark and the ice bear, Botswana and the honey name a few! Travel seems to be her inspiration and I can relate to that.

BUT THIS is why I'm blogging about JB.....this is her new barn surrounded by a field of sunflowers. Every time I drive by, I smile! It is just sunshine in a field!
I wonder what exotic animals are in that beautiful new barn?


A Tale of Two Cities said...

That is a spot of sunshine! I'm pretty impressed that you have a local celebrity!


Donna said...

Beautiful spot!! Authors "feed" your soul....looks like a darling book!!