Monday, June 14, 2010

774 days to go......

...the 2012 Olympics, right here in London!
This 500 acre plot of land in Stratford, North East of Central London was once the center of some of the cities more "unwanted" industries, including chemical plants, sewage plants, the Yardley Soap plant, and the Royal Docks. The contaminated soil has been sorted, analyzed, and cleaned to be reused on the Olympic Park.

Today, on our walk overlooking the construction site, we saw the Olympic Park Village which includes the Stadium, the Aquatics Center, the Velodrome, and the Village where the Olympian athletes will be housed and fed during their stay. When the Olympics are over, this whole area will be transformed into a community of new homes, parks, shops, and sporting facilities.

Now look back at the first picture....can you see the 2 0 1 0? Cool huh?

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Debi said...

So that is what that bizarre symbol is representing! At least it makes a little more sense that way. I would have loved this tour--i'm very curious about it all. Who knows--we might still both be around for the big party in 2012. See you next week,