Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The General Trading Co.

The General Trading Company, our favorite "everything" boutique, has relocated to a new premises on Pelham Street near the South Kensington tube station. We just happened to wonder by the day the doors opened - the sign is not even out yet!

........"a pot-pourri of desirable objects catering for the eclectic tastes of it's customers"

........"always adventurous, sometimes frivolous, everything exudes passion and panache"

I was their FIRST customer so they insisted that my purchase was free! Darn, why didn't I pick up something with more "panache" than a birthday card!!!

1 comment:

Debi said...

Yep, you should have gone for the big ticket item! Let's go back someday for tea--their little cafe looked like they had some delicious treats.