Sunday, April 4, 2010

Projects complete - check!

The month of March was "project month" for me at the River House.... a new rug for our bedroom, new blinds to help cut the afternoon sun in the sunroom, Haley's room has gone from lime green to softer blue and taupe, the new slipcovered chair is on it's way......

The garage project has been approved by the River Commission so the first step was removing trees that have overgrown, we replaced our well worn suitcases for the next trip, dropped off the boat for "summerizing" and got the hot tub ready to fill for our family Fourth of July gathering.

I am looking forward to returning to London where we just rent!


Debi said...

Wow! You better go back to London so you can rest! Great job with all your projects--it's all so pretty.


Maria Schneider said...

Can I move in with you????