Thursday, February 4, 2010

THE luncheon!

The 111th American Women's Club of London Founder's Day Luncheon, that's the one!
It was another success this year.......the Thames Yacht Club was beautiful, the tables and orchids were elegant, the speeches were short, the menu was delicious, the wine perfectly chilled, and the auctions raised more money than last year!

Once the tables were set and the auction baskets were in place, I changed from my walking flats to my "Carlton" shoes. We welcomed 67 women this year and everyone had a great time. It is with mixed feelings that we left the event that afternoon knowing that many of our gang....AKA "the worker bees"...will be going back to the States this spring. The grand life of an expat does not last for long so we make the most of our time together.

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Debi said...

Can't help but be a wee bit sad seeing this last photo , and thinking how 3 of the four will be on their way soon. They've sure made their impact on London and all our hearts.

Love the photos,