Monday, September 14, 2009


On the road again, well I should say,"lane again" because once we got outside the city, "Tomas-Tomas" guided us along narrow lanes avoiding horseback riders and bicyclist through the country side of Kent to our destination...Hever Castle and gardens.

I wish I could send you a scratch-n-sniff picture of this rose garden, the sweet aroma of roses was heavenly. I just had to take a few minutes and take it all in. It makes me want to go out and buy rose scented soaps and bubble bath like Grandma used to use.

Notice how the ivy growing on the castle has begun to turn orange and red - Fall is here!

For lunch we stopped at a roadside Pub called The Little Brown Jug. It was such a beautiful day we ate outside in the garden. Rick had a burger and chips and I had the omelet, made with fresh local eggs from the farm across the street - well, the train station was across the street but that is what the menu board said! After several hungry mouthfuls of the deliciously fresh salad I noticed I got a little more than what I paid for...a bright green inch worm crawled out of my least it wasn't HALF an inch worm!!!

Always looking for the positive:)!

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