Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Have you E-Bayed???

Do you like my "Vintage Boat Oars"? I love them and got them on E-Bay auction from a lady living on Lake Michigan. (That's her story anyway.) It took me a while to figure out the bidding protocol (and Haley wasn't here to help me!) but once I posted my "maximum bid" I just left it up to Mr. E-Bay and I won...Yes, Rick there were other bidders who wanted these!

They have "chippy" paint, worn leather straps, and one of the oars has a "B" (Boston maybe?) branded on the paddle. I hung them with black iron curtain pulls from Lowes.


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Yea! I am impressed at your computer skills. I bet you were amazed when they showed up.
Now, do I need to be checking ebay for the family silver?

I love the way you hung them!! Just what you needed for that wall.

Debi said...

Smart shopping, Holly! I spent a season on ebay a couple of years ago, when I was putting a "Sweet Pea" basket together for Jordan's baby shower gift. it was so much fun, and could be very time consuming, if you let it.

Debra said...

I always loved the phrasing "I won". They are the same words Dan used when he BOUGHT the Sunbeam Tiger on ebay.