Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Swag and Tails

The gastro pub which is conveniently located just outside our back gate and through the secret passage into the Mews ... is now closed. After 20 years of business in Knightsbridge...closed! It was the perfect pub for guests who were visiting from the States or EY freinds who were in town for meetings and tired of airplane food. We even had our Christmas Party there the first year we were here.

Friday was our last supper at The Swag and we celebrated with friends at the long table in the back. Rick always ordered the burger, medium rare, cheese and bacon, no bap and I always ordered the chicken dish which changes with the season. We are really going to miss this place!

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Debi said...

The end of an era. It seems to happen to often around here that a wonderful institution you love shuts their door in what you thought was its prime. The big news on Kings Road is that Antiquarius is no longer home to all the antique dealers, and that Anthropologie is coming in.