Thursday, June 18, 2009

Royal Ascot

Everyone  showed up for the races at Royal Ascot!
They were young and old, some young with old as in "Sugar-Daddy"!  They were Royals, Celebrities, Posh Socialites, and American Women's Club member's all decked out in heels and hats.....well we changed into heels after we made the trip there! 

The drink of the day was Pimm's or champagne. We enjoyed a delicious lunch with wine and a proper tea later in the afternoon in our private suite overlooking all the race activities.

The wind was gusty but all these ladies managed to hang onto their hats...and what magnificent hats they were!  

It was a fabulous day in London!

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Debi Kirksey said...

What great hats! You're becoming quite the reporter. I'm stuck in the Houston airport with the plane being almost 3 hours late.