Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Citta del Vaticano...THE WEDDING!

Coy and Susan's wedding was at 11:00 in the Chapel of Sant' Anna inside the Vatican Gates. This particular chapel is used, and guarded, by the Swiss Guard for services and was ornately perfect for a small family wedding. The sun was shining on Susan and Coy- they looked beautiful and so happy for all the planning of this day to finally happen.

After the wedding we followed the happy couple down a side street to the restaurant for the reception - everyone clapped and sang along the way. It sounded like happy birthday to us but Father Riccardo told us it was a song of congratulations...after the delicious 4 hour lunch with wine at one of the Pope's favorite places, we were all ready for a nap! The party did not begin until much later in Piazza Navona....but that is another story!

We really enjoyed meeting all the family and felt honored to be part of this special event. Congratulations to Susan and Coy and happiness, success, and good fotune in the years to come......Heartfelt Hugs and Kisses!

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