Wednesday, February 4, 2009

(My) Home and Gardens Feb. 2009

Our bungalow on the river, our cottage on the south shore, our place to build memories and call home....
Most of you know the story of our home in Boston. We walked through this house for 2 years, breathing in the view of the river and ignoring the repair work that was eventually needed to update this little "sail-loft" style New England Cape but when the price dropped ???(a lot!) and the homeowner threw in the (old) Boston Whaler, Rick was sold! About 2 weeks after closing, we agreed to take on our new adventure in London!

Last year, it seemed that every time I went "home" I was replacing an appliance, the dock, the roof.... something - so in October we bit the bullet and met with a local designer and contractor. We opened a wall, totally replaced the kitchen, installed wood floors, and (something I've never done) bought new furniture to actually fit the space and style of the house. Not everything is in yet, we are missing a few chairs, accent pillows, and the draperies but these pictures reflect the finished product and I am so pleased with the results. I think my home now reflects my personality, it is comfortable yet classic. Lots of spaces for people to gather, cook, eat, talk, and enjoy a glorious sunset. I am adding pops of color with a cheerful Italian platter (which I carried in bubble wrap all the way back to the States) and a red leather ottoman in the kitchen. The focus is the view and light is important so the drapes are linen and silk on black iron rods. The new wood floors are beautiful so we just added a few sisal rugs for a natural warm effect. I like it when every room has a story so Rick's sail boat and our collection of sea shells along with 2 giant clocks on London and Boston time found the perfect spot in the family room. The grandfather's clock my parents built and the oil landscape of my Mother's childhood home will add grace to the new dining room. With the new farm house table I can seat 12 easily. When my sister comes next month we are going to work on a family wall of pictures all the way up the one is safe!
I hope you enjoy the tour!


Marcia said...

Fabulous - what a warm inviting place! Enjoy!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I love the fabrics and the furniture. Great choices!
I can't wait to get up and help with a little touch of Aunt sister.